What Features Should a Good Architect Have?

Architecture is a profession that needs to be done by people who require dedication, who want discipline and who can really enjoy it. Coordination skills of the architect must be high. The architect must have a harmonious personality. If a person who embraces these values ​​is positive, energetic and positive enough to capture the chemistry of our team, it means that he has the potential to be our colleague for me. 
As for the character traits required to be successful in architecture…  To do architecture, one must first love architecture. It is necessary to travel a lot, to see a lot, to work hard starting from being a student. The dynamics of our profession are too many. Architecture lives and changes with the age; every architect should follow these changes, developments and innovations. It should pay attention to researches, articles and seminars and respond to these needs by keeping the pulse of the period.

Why are firewalls important?

Cisco User-DefinedNetworks . IT organizations can now use Cisco DNA Center to give end users control over their own section of the wireless network. End users have the ability to securely connect their devices through the User Defined Network app, and also decide which devices can connect to their personal network space.

cisco network security firewall

Cisco also offers analytics for previously unmonitored devices, enabling IT to more effectively segment and manage IoT devices. Network segmentation, or dividing a network into chunks to improve performance and security, has traditionally been considered challenging, especially with a diverse and growing ecosystem of IoT endpoints. Cisco is offering new solutions to address this issue.
• Endpoint analytics using Artificial Intelligence . Cisco DNA Center can now identify previously unknown endpoints and then group them logically using artificial intelligence. With this information, IT can form the basis for scalable, automated policies.
• Group analysis of policies. Cisco DNA Center now analyzes traffic flows between endpoint groups to develop policies that will be used as the basis for effective segmentation.

Network Security Complete security for your network

Communication and cooperation have become a way of approaching through Collaboration - this facilitates teamwork from anywhere, with the help of online conferences, (Video-) Chats, Wikis or Tools. This means that that collaboration takes place on different devices connected to each other. This increases the risk of potential cyber attacks. Other sensitive areas are password-free WLANs, email correspondence, or various unsecured sites. Whether it's SonicWall, Sophos UTM or Check Point - we have the ideal IT solution for network security.
Complete Network Security concept
Complete protection for your network is relevant in the context of minimizing security risks, for example through Firewall or E-Mail Protection or Next-Generation Firewalls solutions. This new type of firewall allows you to perform user-level data analysis, beyond protocol and port scanning. Through our services, we want to support you in making the best decisions for the safety of the company. 
WLAN access for employees must be different from that for customers;
Develop detailed concepts for access permissions - in collaboration with you
Creating comprehensive security concepts - combining, for example, Unified Threat Management (UTM), Email and WLAN security
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Digital transformation can reveal the weaknesses of networks

Digital transformation is a universal phrase that describes the process of using technology to modernize or even revolutionize the way services are delivered to customers. Not only technology, but also people and processes commonly undergo fundamental changes for the ultimate goal of significantly improving business performance.
Such transformations have become so mainstream that 40% of all technology spending now goes to digital transformation projects, according to IDC , with businesses spending over $ 2 trillion on such projects last year.
However, each company's digital transformation project is unique. Whether it's transforming a company's marketing and sales processes using machine learning to gain insights into each individual customer , or creating a seamless experience across all sales channels, or revamping distribution channels to providing the best products and resources to customers, a digital transformation project will impact the enterprise's network infrastructure.

The Demographics Behind On-Demand Workers

The top three types of on-demand services we saw in our survey of 250 self-identified on-demand employees were healthcare (16%), driving (14.1%), and food (12.5%), which would include services like Bite Squad. However, one-third of respondents — 32.5% — fell into a category we called "other." These workers told us their on-demand jobs ranged from computer programming to private security.
The workers we spoke to were mostly men (58%) and ranged in age from 18 to 74 (48% were between ages 45 and 64). There was a wide range of education levels, from workers with no high school diploma to four workers who have PhDs. Marital status did not factor heavily in why someone would work an on-demand job — however, about 20% of married on-demand workers worked for a healthcare service.

IPS Security: Keep the Unwanted Out

Take safety past the firewall. Deep visibility. Preeminent intelligence. Superior safety. The Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) offers you the satisfactory safety in opposition to today’s state-of-the-art and malicious assaults. Stop extra superior threats, benefit extra perception into your surroundings and capacity vulnerabilities, and shield extra virtual commercial enterprise initiatives. Cisco IPS danger home equipment hit upon incidents and save you assaults thru embedded community safety intelligence with computerized evaluation and industry-main danger effectiveness.
 With GigaSECURE and Cisco IPS, you now no longer simplest growth the resilience and performance of your deployment thru our inline skip era however you also:
Separate community velocity from device capability and velocity which means community improvements don’t force needless device spend.
Reduce the want for community outages if transferring the IPS out of line or taking it down for planned/unplanned maintenance.
Increase performance and resiliency thru load balancing site visitors for inspection to throughout a couple of IPS device.
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configure cisco firewall

Cisco is expanding  insights  to devices that were previously unmonitored, giving IT the ability to segment more efficiently and better manage IoT devices. Network segmentation - the act of dividing the network into smaller parts to improve performance and security - is often a difficult task, especially in environments with a growing and diverse ecosystem of IoT devices. To help address this challenge, Cisco is launching:
AI Endpoint Analytics:  With AI Endpoint Analytics, the  Cisco DNA Center will  identify previously unknown devices on a large scale and then use various contextual sources and artificial intelligence to logically group them together. With this information, IT can create a foundation for automated and scalable policies.
Group-based policy analytics:  The Cisco DNA Center can analyze traffic flows between groups of devices to design policies that can be used as the basis for proper targeting.
Currently, wireless networks have added immense business value, not only for the experiences they provide, but also for the behavioral data they provide. Cisco's internal location services platform,  Cisco DNA Spaces , is gaining new capabilities to increase visibility and provide information to companies looking to maintain secure physical spaces

What qualities are needed for a network enginee

What does a network engineer do
The work of a network engineer includes a complex of rather routine, but, as mentioned above, often non-trivial tasks for ordinary employees. He is engaged in connecting and setting up equipment , not only computers, but also other office equipment. He also installs the necessary software on it , and also updates it regularly. He is also responsible for the installation of data protection tools . The network engineer is also responsible for everything related to passwords, accounts, corporate mail, etc. In some cases, network engineers are engaged not only in installing equipment, but also in purchasing it, and they prepare reports on all such costs.
The work of a network engineer requires, first of all, attentiveness: most of the technical errors in offices occur precisely because of its absence. A network engineer must be very familiar with the operation of the most commonly used network protocols and software standards . He also needs to keep track of how the functionality of the popular office software is updated.
Often, mistakes and technical failures cause panic, anger and other unpleasant emotions in the office. A network engineer must be able to remain calm in an extraordinary situation, because it is his composure that directly determines how quickly everything will work normally again. To identify the cause of the error and understand how to fix it, he needs good analytical skills.

What a software product architecture consists of

Software structure is a complicated phenomenon. When a person hears approximately it for the primary time, they regularly reflect onconsideration on the utility structure of a selected project. But that is simplest a small part. Conventionally, it's miles divided into 3 components:
commercial enterprise structure (referred to as Enterprise Architecture amongst developers);
technological structure.
The first of them specializes in constructing an surroundings and fixing top-degree strategic problems (combining key requirements, reading facts flows, etc.). Business structure ends in the knowledge of what technical manner are essential to keep a software program product.
Solution structure is an intermediate thing among commercial enterprise approaches and technological answers. It consists of the look for technical answers for diverse tasks, an outline of the shape and conduct of the software program, the definition of capabilities and levels for every answer.
Technological structure consists of engineering issues. In different words, that is the hardware thing of the software program product. It describes machine software program, requirements for firmware, manipulate systems, etc.
Based on this, we see that during IT structure there are 3 corresponding task levels - Enterprise Architect (EA), Solution Architect (SA) and Technical Architect (TA).

CCNP Security Course overview

CCNP Security Certification is a expert stage certification for the scholar seeking to decorate their talents and paintings independently on complicated Enterprise safety answers. After finishing touch of CCNP Security Training, the candidate can have the cappotential to deploy, aid and troubleshoot firewalls, VPNs and IDS/IPS answers for his or her organization networking environments. CCNP aspirants paintings collaboratively and carefully with Subject Matter Experts for safety, voice, wireless, and video domain.
Our modular CCNP Security education applications aimed toward catering to diverse technological desires and needs of the people and the industry. We have effectively helped a big variety of college students to reap their Cisco certification desires withinside the final eight years. Octa Networks manner assured technical education which in the end ends in Cisco certifications.
On twenty fourth Feb 2020, Cisco has rebooted the Certification software via way of means of launching new CCNP safety certification in an effort to update the present CCNP Security software. Expired CCNP Security examinations had been allowed to be availed until twenty third Feb 2020. Newly remodeled CCNP Security software takes impact from twenty fourth Feb 2020.
Expired CCNP Security software had the subsequent examinations:
300-206 - Implementing Cisco Edge Network Security Solutions (SENSS)
300-210 - Implementing Cisco Threat Control Solutions (SITCS)
300-208 - Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions (SISAS)
300-209 - Implementing Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions (SIMOS)
One of the primary targets of CCNP Security revamp is to transport farfar from the ‘One Size Fits All’ method to a modular method in which to reap new CCNP Security certification, the candidate will now no longer should byskip greater than 2 exams. Any extra specializations are maximum welcome however the candidate desires to byskip a center examination and one of the attention examination alternatives to be had withinside the respective track. Besides CCNP Security center examination additionally acts as qualifying standards for trying CCIE Security Lab examination.
CCNA is not a qualifying criterion for trying CCNP Security. Candidates can at once seem for CCNP Security examinations supplied they have got the essential know-how and hold close of the sensible software of the knowhow.
To earn CCNP Security certification, applicants want to byskip center examination which covers center organization era and one attention examination of his/her preference primarily based totally on his/her technical location of consciousness or activity position requirement
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Retail computer service technician

The IT support  (by definition) is the service offered by companies IT services  that provide specialist technical support.  They provide technical assistance and advice to clients who depend on equipment, computer applications and communication networks.
There are two  types  of computer support that computer service companies offer their clients:
On the one hand we find on- site computer support specialists. They deal with problems in person, that is, attending the team's location and solving the problem on-site. On the other, remote computer support services . Based on remote assistance, usually by phone, from a help center.
The remote computer support based on remote assistance using telephony (telephone, voIP, videoconference, web, ...). Additionally, it usually relies on most of the occasions on the use of a remote control program . The remote IT support operator  deals with solving the problem from the workplace in an easy way, without having to go to the place where the user's equipment is located. The operator usually works from a remote computer support center, also called a servide desk, service center, support service, support center.
There are general computer support groups (they give assistance to any type of problem) or specialized computer support (they assist a computer solution, networks, security or a group of solutions).
Users access to the computer support service is usually done through different means: email, telephone, fax, chat. It is also common to access help portals for users, where they can access the service catalog, know the status of their open incidents, registration information, diagnosis and history. You can see an example of this in the User  Support Portal and Remote Technical Support.


1. Prevents violations automatically The Cisco firewall is able to stop breaches without impairing the smooth functioning of the network for users. Due to constant attacks, organizations are increasingly concerned about the next major cybersecurity breach. A modern cyber attack can compromise important data and result in losses in employee productivity and even huge financial losses. But how can the Cisco firewall prevent breaches and keep your business moving? First, Cisco has the best threat intelligence. Your firewall acts as a filter and gateway for network traffic, This technology is capable of blocking approximately 200 billion malicious emails a day. In addition, it inspects nearly 17 billion web requests per day and collects and analyzes more than 1.5 million samples of malicious software daily.
2. Integrated intrusion prevention The next generation Cisco firewall also offers integrated next generation intrusion prevention features. This is essential as a first line of defense against attacks. It is able to identify and block known attacks. In addition, it also uses an extensive list of network protocols to find different types of threats and block them. For vulnerability prevention, the firewall flags and analyzes suspicious files to discover unidentified threats and high priority vulnerabilities. With the Cisco firewall, your company no longer needs to implement a separate intrusion prevention system. It is possible to perform the entire procedure through the Cisco solution, which has a management console. The combination of threat intelligence and the functionality of the integrated prevention system allows your company to obtain real results. The Cisco firewall, for example, was able to identify and prevent some of the biggest breaches in recent years, such as WannaCry and Nyetya. So it kept its customers protected automatically.

Classification of IPS intrusion prevention systems

Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) is a monitoring system to promptly prevent unwanted intrusion activities.
The primary function of an IPS system is to identify dangerous, malicious activities that store this information. The IPS then combines with the Firewall to immediately stop these activities, and eventually reports the details of the above intrusion activities.
The IPS system is considered an expanded and improved case of the IDS system, the way the organization is organized and the characteristics of these two systems are similar. The only difference is that the IPS system, in addition to the ability to monitor and monitor the network information system, also has a function to prevent activities that are warned to be dangerous to the system. The IPS system uses the same set of rules as the IDS system. 
Classification of IPS intrusion prevention systems
There are two types of network intrusion prevention systems. Currently on the market there are two types of IPS: "server-based" and "inline" (network-based).
1. Network intrusion prevention system (NIPS - Network-Based Intrusion Prevention) is usually implemented before or after the firewall.
If you deploy IPS before the firewall, you can protect the entire system including the firewall, DMZ area. At the same time can minimize the risk of denial of service attacks for Firewall.
If you deploy IPS after the Firewall, you can prevent some types of attacks through exploiting weaknesses on mobile devices that use VPN to connect to the inside.
2. Host intrusion prevention system (HIPS - Host-Based Intrusion Prevention) was deployed with the purpose of detecting and preventing activities from penetrating on hosts.
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Master the Microsoft Azure cloud with this certification prep package

Microsoft's Azure is one of the best computing platforms that allow you to create, deploy, and manage cloud applications and services, and companies that already have or want to implement cloud services in their operations in the short term. According to Microsoft, Azure is used by 85% of Fortune 500 companies, salary estimates for Azure architects range from $ 130,000 to $ 170,000.
Take advantage of this explosion trend and get Microsoft Azure certification . This package includes four lessons that will teach you how to implement Microsoft Azure infrastructure solutions, master key concepts and learn how to design solutions for the Microsoft Azure platform, and keep up to date with the latest updates on this constantly changing platform. .
The first course goes through all the materials needed to pass the Microsoft AZ-100 certification exam: Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Distribution, and also AZ-103 will replace the AZ-100 exam later in 2019. Get three more exames: AZ-101 (Azure Integration & Security), AZ-203 (Solution Development for Microsoft Azure) and AZ-300 & 70-535 (Azure Architectural Technologies Certificate).
The package contains over 23 hours of content and above all, currently only $ 19 ($ 387 from the original).

checkpoint network jobs 2020

Work with Engineering Team to increase client unique Applications on Laser Scanning/Photon Emission Microscope System for semiconductor failure analysis.
Research ultra-modern generation traits in Failure Analysis strategies and speak the ones to Sales, Marketing, and Engineering.
Communicate the desires of Customer Failure Analysis Engineers to Sales, Marketing, and Engineering.
Critical Interface with Customer FA/FI Engineers for the duration of engineering evaluations.
Responsible for demonstrating Checkpoint’s merchandise for client engineering evaluations.
Train clients on all software program and alertness capabilities for the duration of demo/evals and at client webweb page.
Assist with schooling for the duration of set up of recent LSM/PEM Systems at client webweb page.
Provide on-webweb page hassle fixing for problems with clients hooked up instruments.
Must have awesome conversation skills, preference and cappotential to paintings in a crew environment.
Write and publish technical papers for enterprise journals and exchange shows.
Education an Experience:
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How do the Security Zones of a Firewall work?

The firewall works on the basis of security zones. Virtually every interface in a firewall is a security zone. We can create more such areas and include one or more interfaces in them. These security zones usually fall into 3 categories:
INSIDE  - the area that includes the internal network (LAN)
OUTSIDE  - the area that includes the organization's external network (usually the Internet)
DMZ  - special area containing servers
To each zone, the firewall will assign a security level (defined by a number between 0 - 100) that influences its behavior.
For example: if we have an INSIDE zone with a security level of 100 and an OUTSIDE zone with a security level of 0 , then ANY traffic from INSIDE will be allowed (by the firewall) to pass into OUTSIDE (aka. Internet ), but the traffic coming from OUTSIDE to INSIDE will be stopped, thus needing special rules (aka. dynamic learning - statefull - of the traffic) that must be configured on the firewall.

New Security Solutions from Cisco, for the protection of rapidly evolving Data Centers

Cisco has introduced a number of security solutions designed to strengthen data centers against the threats of a unified and virtual work environment, while enabling businesses to take advantage of new cloud-based models. Overall, the new solutions extend the power of data centers and enhance the security of both high-performance installations and out-of-office staff. Solutions include new, fully upgraded software for the world's most widely developed firewall, the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA).

Cisco is also expanding its range of security products by adding a virtual firewall for secure multi-tenant and cloud environments. Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) - the industry's most widely installed firewall, with more than one million devices installed - will be available in virtual format: the new Cisco ASA 1000V cloud firewall. ASA offers the best firewall capabilities, comprehensive real-time threat protection, efficient, stable, highly secure remote access and comprehensive security for networks of all sizes. New IPS systems designed for data centers are added to the intrusion prevention (IPS) systems, while the new improved version of the AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client program is presented, in order to meet the requirements of a more flexible and productive workforce.

The system of virtual applications and the increased dynamics of Cloud systems lead to the creation of significant changes within the data centers, influencing from information systems services to business models and infrastructure architecture. Proper implementation of solutions offers businesses benefits such as: reduced capital investment, increased revenue and greater efficiency, speed and flexibility. Operating under these principles, namely that security systems must be integrated across the network to ensure the protection of integrated data centers, Cisco believes that network policies must be integrated into both real and virtual environments. the intra-virtual communication machine is placed in secure frames and access to applications by users - whether working outside or within the company - includes the right security policy.


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what does a solutions architect do?

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2 helps virtual machines and other hardware.This is catching the attention of those who want to make the hardware architecture more efficient. But it's just a small part of what Amazon Web Services does

In terms of storage, you have Amazon S3, where object-oriented data is being replaced by older systems such as redundant backup disk arrays (RAID) that combine security and performance benefits. Then Amazon SNS for Integration with Amazon Elastic Beanstalk for developers and Amazon Autoscaling for server groups.

Another important Amazon proposal is the AWS Lambda for a serverless design.

Serverless is destructive because it allows businesses to unlock their service functions from virtualized or in-house hardware settings. Just by ordering the function, Lambda's server-free capabilities have many options at the fingertips - but again, they may need the help of the AWS solution architect to build a virtual data center. Real or application system Internal business development or expansion project (To learn more about serverless calculations, see Serverless calculations: Which service is right for you?)

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what do computer technicians do?

Computer technicians, who are also sometimes known as laptop aid professionals or assist table technicians, offer assist to laptop customers. Techs work in quite a few environments, including organizations, government offices, not-for-profit organizations, as well as for third-celebration pc support firms. Many network directors and programmers start their careers as computer guide specialists.
Customer Service Skills
Computer help professionals usually need good customer support skills. This is particularly authentic for individuals who work in tech support for software program providers and laptop manufacturers. It is additionally true for people who paintings for third-party offerings that make residence calls to assist pc customers or people who are confronted with malfunctioning computer systems, viruses or software program issues.
Computer technicians have to also be aware that despite the fact that many human beings use computer systems regularly, their knowledge of computer generation and software may be limited, and so the technician ought to be able to patiently presenting information, training and recommendation to clients and customers. This can be challenging, in particular when providing technical support by telephone to frustrated consumers.
Third-Party Computer Support
Many businesses are too small to preserve an IT department or to even preserve a full-time IT professional on their payrolls. These businesses may depend upon third-party IT contracting businesses to offer help, repair services and to assist with decision-making approximately tech purchases.

The exploitation of the gig economy in India

An rising trend, yet now not many know of the emerging term. A labour marketplace in which work is achieved via freelancers and contracts is named as “Gig Economy”. This definition is in evaluation with everlasting jobs. Short-term engagements between companies and employees are assigned a slang word called ‘gig’. The gig financial system incorporates part-time workers, freelancers, impartial contractors, settlement workers, and project-based workers. Additionally, there is a brand new entrant in the gig economy in India, specifically internships. The gig financial system has emerge as popular in the United States. It has been projected by way of Intuit that by means of 2020 over 40% of Americans could be running independently on a settlement basis. India isn't some distance behind, it ranks 2nd inside the international freelance personnel after the United States.

The gig economic system is quickly to takeover a massive labour market.

The upward push of the gig economy is mainly due to the subsequent reasons: there may be a chronic competition inside the labour market due to digitization, mobile and portable work, the millennial generation, changing lifestyles, paintings-lifestyles balance, and the belief of “India is a cheap labour marketplace”. At a median the minimal wages for Indian freelancers is Rs. 10,500 consistent with month. As opposed to China’s freelancers which stands at Rs.16,six hundred in step with month. The Government of India has additionally all started its initiative to push freelancers through the Digital India Program (DIP). But, does India’s monetary scenario aid a gig economic system?

The gig economy concept is helping companies reduce labour expenses. Few freelancing work, internships, independent work completed by way of Millenials continue to be unpaid. Unpaid work influences the labour marketplace aggressively. The unpaid ‘gig economic system’ falls underneath the secret cutting expenses bracket. The paid paintings within the gig economy doesn’t prove to be ‘true enough’ for the workers. India’s current economic situation does no longer aid a gig economic system concept because of the fall in aggregate call for and fall in wages. The demand-aspect constraints that Indian economic system is presently undergoing presents weak assist to the gig economy. With 15 million freelancers in India who include of the brief body of workers each paid and unpaid, the gig economic system may have a tendency to be unfruitful for the country.

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