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What qualities are needed for a network enginee

What does a network engineer do
The work of a network engineer includes a complex of rather routine, but, as mentioned above, often non-trivial tasks for ordinary employees. He is engaged in connecting and setting up equipment , not only computers, but also other office equipment. He also installs the necessary software on it , and also updates it regularly. He is also responsible for the installation of data protection tools . The network engineer is also responsible for everything related to passwords, accounts, corporate mail, etc. In some cases, network engineers are engaged not only in installing equipment, but also in purchasing it, and they prepare reports on all such costs.
The work of a network engineer requires, first of all, attentiveness: most of the technical errors in offices occur precisely because of its absence. A network engineer must be very familiar with the operation of the most commonly used network protocols and software standards . He also needs to keep track of how the functionality of the popular office software is updated.
Often, mistakes and technical failures cause panic, anger and other unpleasant emotions in the office. A network engineer must be able to remain calm in an extraordinary situation, because it is his composure that directly determines how quickly everything will work normally again. To identify the cause of the error and understand how to fix it, he needs good analytical skills.
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