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What does a computer service technician do?

PC administration professionals normally work for people or different organizations to fix and keep up different parts of different PC equipment and programming frameworks. This can incorporate everything from introducing and refreshing programming on your PC to introducing and introducing the equipment that accompanied your PC. Little PC systems and frameworks can likewise be introduced or kept up by these sorts of specialists, however they are generally not engaged with setting up significant system frameworks. PC administration experts are answerable for dealing with client care and desk work issues. 
The primary obligations of a PC administration expert are typically identified with the upkeep and establishment of different PC frameworks and projects. This frequently incorporates both programming and equipment identified with a PC or framework. Essential errands may incorporate introducing and refreshing the working framework (OS) on your PC, investigating any issues that may emerge with equipment or programming, and setting up and keeping up gadgets, for example, printers, modems, and PC cases. 
PC administration professionals can look for some kind of employment for different organizations to administer and manage programming and equipment issues in an office or store area, or make their own business. These sorts of individual assignments typically run as fix stores for PCs and different gadgets, frequently offering support and upkeep for different PC issues. PC administration experts can give programming and equipment establishments to PCs, just as perform information recuperation and investigating for clients' product issues.
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