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solutions architect job description

"It is an energizing time for a DBA, with extended obligations and chances to create vital business arrangements with the advancement group" - the assessment of Carlos Sanchiz, Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services Iberia 
Prior to the cloud, organizations ordinarily had a group of Database Administrators (DBAs) and specialists with one strategic to make and keep up the database arrangement of decision for the whole organization. The working DBAs build up a lot of involvement with overseeing and keeping up a particular stockpiling framework. Since they put huge time and cash in this arrangement, they use it for all outstanding tasks at hand, in any event, when better choices may exist. 
Notwithstanding, with more alternatives for database arrangements oversaw in the cloud, the DBA's job is turning into an inexorably fascinating one. The present DBAs are not, at this point simply centered around finding a solitary arrangement. Actually, many discover their work more dependent on programming and less on provisioning and overseeing equipment. It is an energizing time for a DBA, with stretched out obligations and chances to create key business arrangements with the advancement group. It is a brilliant time for DBAs and for the individuals who wish to play a job concentrated on database innovation and look for handy preparing to assist them with improving their abilities. 
We should take a gander at the obligations that DBAs generally expected and how the advancement of the cloud has changed the manner in which they work. 
Arranging limit 
Customarily, database scope organization implied anticipating worker limit with respect to high top burdens, so more often than not, you pay for assets that were not completely used. This isn't just expensive, it is likewise significantly less adaptable. In any case, as the database in the cloud is flexible, its stockpiling and figuring limit can be powerfully and naturally scaled to satisfy changes in need. Programming APIs (application programming interfaces) are frequently used to set up robotized reactions to checked measurements and alerts. Furthermore, some cloud databases don't have a worker, which implies that there are no workers or virtual machines to arrangement.
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