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Retail computer service technician

The IT support  (by definition) is the service offered by companies IT services  that provide specialist technical support.  They provide technical assistance and advice to clients who depend on equipment, computer applications and communication networks.
There are two  types  of computer support that computer service companies offer their clients:
On the one hand we find on- site computer support specialists. They deal with problems in person, that is, attending the team's location and solving the problem on-site. On the other, remote computer support services . Based on remote assistance, usually by phone, from a help center.
The remote computer support based on remote assistance using telephony (telephone, voIP, videoconference, web, ...). Additionally, it usually relies on most of the occasions on the use of a remote control program . The remote IT support operator  deals with solving the problem from the workplace in an easy way, without having to go to the place where the user's equipment is located. The operator usually works from a remote computer support center, also called a servide desk, service center, support service, support center.
There are general computer support groups (they give assistance to any type of problem) or specialized computer support (they assist a computer solution, networks, security or a group of solutions).
Users access to the computer support service is usually done through different means: email, telephone, fax, chat. It is also common to access help portals for users, where they can access the service catalog, know the status of their open incidents, registration information, diagnosis and history. You can see an example of this in the User  Support Portal and Remote Technical Support.
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