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New Cisco 2020 Certification

Introducing the New Cisco Certification Framework
In February 2020, Cisco released a brand new certification framework designed to mix infrastructure know-how with the electricity of programmability to permit the benefits of intent-primarily based totally networking.  Featuring six key era areas, this next-era certification curriculum will validate important activity capabilities and your capacity to manipulate present day organisation infrastructures.
Focus on Network Infrastructure or Software Development
Cisco has simplified the certification process. The associate-stage CCNA and DevNet Associate certifications require you to byskip a unmarried examination and are supported with the aid of using a unmarried course.  Moving to the expert stage, you could reap a CCNP certification with the aid of using passing assessments - the middle examination and one attention examination in the era area.  
Pro-tip1:  Some DevNet specialization assessments meet the necessities for each the Network Infrastructure and Software Development certifications.
Pro-tip2:  Passing the CCNP middle examination meets the expert-stage (CCIE) written examination requirement.  To reap an expert-stage (CCIE) certification, college students want to take and byskip the corresponding lab examination. 
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