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Network Security Complete security for your network

Communication and cooperation have become a way of approaching through Collaboration - this facilitates teamwork from anywhere, with the help of online conferences, (Video-) Chats, Wikis or Tools. This means that that collaboration takes place on different devices connected to each other. This increases the risk of potential cyber attacks. Other sensitive areas are password-free WLANs, email correspondence, or various unsecured sites. Whether it's SonicWall, Sophos UTM or Check Point - we have the ideal IT solution for network security.
Complete Network Security concept
Complete protection for your network is relevant in the context of minimizing security risks, for example through Firewall or E-Mail Protection or Next-Generation Firewalls solutions. This new type of firewall allows you to perform user-level data analysis, beyond protocol and port scanning. Through our services, we want to support you in making the best decisions for the safety of the company. 
WLAN access for employees must be different from that for customers;
Develop detailed concepts for access permissions - in collaboration with you
Creating comprehensive security concepts - combining, for example, Unified Threat Management (UTM), Email and WLAN security
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