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IT support technician job description

As a specialized help/helpdesk representative, you'll be checking and keeping up the PC frameworks and organizations inside an association in a specialized help job. On the off chance that there are any issues or changes required, for example, overlooked passwords, infections or email issues, you'll be the principal individual representatives will come to. 
Undertakings can incorporate introducing and designing PC frameworks, diagnosing equipment/programming deficiencies and tackling specialized issues, either via telephone or eye to eye. 
In particular, as organizations can't bear to be without the entire framework, or individual workstations, for more than the base time taken to fix or supplant them, your specialized help is crucial to the progressing operational productivity of the organization. 
As specialized help, you may likewise be known as a helpdesk administrator, expert or upkeep engineer. 
You could work for programming or gear providers giving after-deals backing or organizations that represent considerable authority in giving IT upkeep and backing. On the other hand you may work in house, supporting the remainder of the business with their continuous IT necessities. 
A few assignments you might be engaged with include: 
Working with clients/representatives to recognize PC issues and exhorting on the arrangement 
Logging and tracking client/worker inquiries 
Examining call logs so you can spot basic patterns and basic issues 
Refreshing self improvement archives so clients/representatives can attempt to fix issues themselves 
Working with field architects to visit clients/representatives if the issue is more genuine 
Testing and fixing defective gear
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