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Help Desk Performance Metrics

1. Ticket Volume 
One significant metric you ought to follow is ticket volume. Ticket volume is the quantity of help demands coming into your business. This measurement shows how well your business is getting along and the number of clients are glad or unsatisfied. Moreover, knowing the number of tickets your group can deal with causes you with employing and selecting after some time. 
2. Volume Via Channel 
Ticket volume additionally gives you which channels demands are originating from (e.g.,phone, email, web-based media or visit). Realizing which channels are most famous causes you assign assets to satisfy client need. Additionally, you can zero in on preparing operators to productively deal with tickets on these channels to be more effective. 
3. Culmination of Tickets 
Another key measurement is the quantity of tickets being settled. It's fundamental to know whether your association can meet client desires and proficiently comprehend each solicitation. If not, you can enlist more workers, grow better preparing, and receive client care devices to assist you with satisfying client need. 
4. Operator Use 
Organizations need to accomplish greatest help quality at the least conceivable expense. Specialist use quantifies this by investigating how much time an operator spends on calls or administration related work. 
On the off chance that it's excessively low, you're squandering assets on wasteful specialists who aren't finishing enough errands. In the event that it's excessively high, you wind up workaholic behavior your specialists prompting a higher worker turnover rate and - you got it - more squandered assets. The ideal parity for operator usage is about 48%. 
5. Reaction Time 
The time between accepting a ticket and reacting to that ticket ought to be as short as could reasonably be expected. As per HubSpot Research, 90% of clients rate a "quick" reaction as significant or significant when they have a client assistance question; 60% of clients characterize a "prompt" reaction as being inside 10 minutes. It's acceptable to know whether your operators are making clients stick around, wasting time for an answer, or on the off chance that they're speaking with them immediately.
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