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1. Prevents violations automatically The Cisco firewall is able to stop breaches without impairing the smooth functioning of the network for users. Due to constant attacks, organizations are increasingly concerned about the next major cybersecurity breach. A modern cyber attack can compromise important data and result in losses in employee productivity and even huge financial losses. But how can the Cisco firewall prevent breaches and keep your business moving? First, Cisco has the best threat intelligence. Your firewall acts as a filter and gateway for network traffic, This technology is capable of blocking approximately 200 billion malicious emails a day. In addition, it inspects nearly 17 billion web requests per day and collects and analyzes more than 1.5 million samples of malicious software daily.
2. Integrated intrusion prevention The next generation Cisco firewall also offers integrated next generation intrusion prevention features. This is essential as a first line of defense against attacks. It is able to identify and block known attacks. In addition, it also uses an extensive list of network protocols to find different types of threats and block them. For vulnerability prevention, the firewall flags and analyzes suspicious files to discover unidentified threats and high priority vulnerabilities. With the Cisco firewall, your company no longer needs to implement a separate intrusion prevention system. It is possible to perform the entire procedure through the Cisco solution, which has a management console. The combination of threat intelligence and the functionality of the integrated prevention system allows your company to obtain real results. The Cisco firewall, for example, was able to identify and prevent some of the biggest breaches in recent years, such as WannaCry and Nyetya. So it kept its customers protected automatically.
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