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configure cisco firewall

Cisco is expanding  insights  to devices that were previously unmonitored, giving IT the ability to segment more efficiently and better manage IoT devices. Network segmentation - the act of dividing the network into smaller parts to improve performance and security - is often a difficult task, especially in environments with a growing and diverse ecosystem of IoT devices. To help address this challenge, Cisco is launching:
AI Endpoint Analytics:  With AI Endpoint Analytics, the  Cisco DNA Center will  identify previously unknown devices on a large scale and then use various contextual sources and artificial intelligence to logically group them together. With this information, IT can create a foundation for automated and scalable policies.
Group-based policy analytics:  The Cisco DNA Center can analyze traffic flows between groups of devices to design policies that can be used as the basis for proper targeting.
Currently, wireless networks have added immense business value, not only for the experiences they provide, but also for the behavioral data they provide. Cisco's internal location services platform,  Cisco DNA Spaces , is gaining new capabilities to increase visibility and provide information to companies looking to maintain secure physical spaces
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