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Architect of technical solutions jobs 2020 August

Study, study and development of mechanical plans considering the eccentricities of CS, PS, VAS, FTTB and different frameworks (depiction of the innovative procedure, including all activities, gadgets, reinforcement gear, versatility) for associating B2B customers, actualizing different undertakings; 
Studies and investigates the present status of the Company's PS arrange, specialized information, markers, sums up and organizes them, makes the fundamental estimations; 
Plans and oversees ventures for execution, testing, new advances, gear, administrations. The executives of unpredictable and different tasks dependent on the ISO 21500-2014 norm. Arrangement, endorsement and coordination of the important undertaking documentation, including HLD, LLD; 
Elaboration and usage of activities planned for utilizing creative innovations; 
Arrangement of complex specialized particulars for the chance of propelling atypical changing plans to make an extra sort of administration/administration; 
Advancement of delicate documentation: terms of reference, innovative plan of usage, and so on. Cooperation in worldwide and nearby tenders; 
Behaviors a specialized and financial investigation of the system activity, structures plans for the improvement of PS systems, considering the traffic estimate for B2B, B2C sections; 
In view of the consequences of factual markers and/or testing/delicate led, creates and executes plans for the presentation of new innovation, capacities; 
Creates methodological and administrative archives, specialized documentation, just as recommendations and measures for the execution of created tasks and projects, arranges the created documentation with the Company's divisions; 
Consistently improves his expert level; 
Draws up work plans, applications, directions, informative notes, outlines and other specialized documentation, just as built up answering as indicated by endorsed structures and on schedule; 
Structures specialized particulars for changing and upgrading gear design, arrange geography, and controls their execution; 
Associates with producers and providers of broadcast communications hardware, organizations framework integrators in the execution of activities; 
Partakes in testing new gear, programming, advances, capacities and placing them into activity, setting up the vital reports, ends on the aftereffects of the work performed; 
Completes the guidelines of the administration on schedule; 
Guarantees full execution of the set objectives and key pointers; 
Replaces a worker of the unit who is in the midst of a get-away, excursion for work or during his brief incapacity (nonattendance because of ailment) in the interest of the head; 
Follows proposals for appearance, is grinding away in perfect garments, severe business style or in a set up structure; 
Watches and gets comfortable with the demonstrations of the Employer, Regulations, Job portrayals, Schedules, Procedures
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