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What Do You Do If… He Invites You To Vegas?


You haven’t even met the guy.

He found you on Loveawake.

You’ve exchanged a few emails and all of a sudden, he invites you to Vegas. Sure, you’d like to meet him. But Vegas? On a first date? Why would he do that? You don’t even know each other. Who does he think you are?!?! Well, he thinks you are going to be fun. He wants to have a good time with you.  That’s basically it. But what would you do? How would you respond? Here are three choices:

1. Go

Say “hell yes” and go! Why not? If Vegas sounds like fun to you, Go! You are spontaneous. You are fun!  If having fun and/or having a romantic relationship is a priority in your life, then absolutely go for it! But if you (Gasp) are not that kind of girl and would never go to Vegas with a man you don’t know and you…

2. Say “No”

You gotta ask yourself “Why not?” Seriously. Is it because of what someone might think? (Like your mother.) Is it because you don’t trust yourself? Because you are afraid you can’t say “No” once you get there?

Is it because you think he should do it differently? (Like, do it your way?) (If you are thinking that, I got news. Unless he is your young son, he will never do it your way. Ever.) Is it because you really DON’T want to be dating? (Which is fine, if that’s where you are.) In any event…it’s not about the guy (or your mother), it’s about you. He has every right to invite you to Vegas. Going to Vegas does not oblige you to do anything you do not want to do. Period. No matter what anyone thinks. If you are not going to Vegas because you don’t trust yourself or you are afraid of not being able to control the situation, you are missing out.

However, if it will make you feel better and you really don’t want to go to Vegas on your first date, then…

3. Negotiate

If you would like to meet the guy (his picture is nice and his emails are cute), then tell him how you feel.

Thank him for his invitation and tell him how you feel. Say you are uncomfortable going to Vegas for a first date, but are open to other ideas. Then hear what he says.

If he wants to see you, he’ll compromise and think of another plan. If he gets upset…well, let’s just say that’s information and you are probably better off not meeting him. In any event, the win is to compromise on a plan that works well for both of you. And save Vegas for a future date!

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