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What Do You Do If… He Asks You To Call?

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You’ve experienced it a thousand times.

You are in a bar or a club or at a social gathering. You meet a guy you like. He gives you his card and asks you to call.

Why does he do that?

Why doesn’t he just ask for your phone number and say he will call you?

Why doesn’t he just do that?

Because he is testing you. (They all do.)

What are your choices when he asks you to call? Here are three:

1. Take His Card. Call Him.

You can do this. Absolutely you can.

But before you do, stop for a moment and think…

Do I want to chase this man? Do I want to call him and interrupt him and annoy him? What if he doesn’t remember who I am? Am I going to feel like crap afterwards?

Do I want that?

If your answer is yes, take the card and call him.

2. Take His Card. Do Not Call Him.

This works beautifully when you don’t like the guy.

Take his card, say “thank you” with a smile on your face, and know you will never have to see him again.

Very simple.

Of course, if you like the guy and don’t call him…where does that leave you?

3. Take His Card. Turn It Over.

If you like the guy take his card, turn it over, write your number on the back (or email, FaceBook address, whatever) and hand it back to him. Then smile.

And if you feel you must speak, say something like, “Thank you for inviting me to lead, but I don’t feel comfortable doing it. I would feel better if you call me first and I will call you back.”

If he calls you, he’s interested. If he doesn’t, he’s not. Wouldn’t you like know if he’s into you sooner rather than later?

Thought so. See? It’s simple.

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