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Holiday Romance?

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You met him on holiday.

You think he’s great. Young, handsome, charming.

But he lives out of town (or country) and you are not sure how this is going to work. Your connection was great on holiday. (At least you thought it was.) He acted like he was into you. And you were a perfect lady. (You’ve had enough holiday romances. This one was different.) But it’s been ten days and you haven’t heard from him. What do you do? Well, you have choices. You could:

1. Wait

Do nothing. Wait and see if he calls. If he doesn’t call, you will be disappointed but you will move on.  You will wonder if your great connection was all in your imagination. But you will move on. You could do that. There is nothing wrong with waiting it out.

But it is driving you crazy. You are curious. You would like to see how it could be in real life. You would like to see if the connection is still there.

You would love to see him again. You could:

2. Call Him

You could call him and see where he’s at. You could do this. But keep in mind, calling him sets you up to chase him. Even if he acts like he is happy to hear from you…you will never know if he would have called you. No matter what he says.

And that nagging doubt you have could get in the way. Eventually. But you are still curious. What if he lost your number? What if the email didn’t come through. It can happen.

So you could:

3. Cue Him

 You could send him a little something. (I mean very little.)

Like a short email. (And I mean SHORT.)

Write something like, “Hey! I have great photos.”

Then wait and see if he picks up the cue and contacts you. This way you will eliminate the angst in your head saying, “Did he loose my number?” or “Am I making this up? Was he really interested?”

Either way, you will have an answer…sooner rather than later.

If he doesn’t respond, it is time to move on.

If he is interested, believe me, he will call. He will write. He will want to see you again.

Of this you can be sure.

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